New Super Mario Bros. World Record Is Nearly Impossible
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The world record for speedrunning Super Mario Bros. has been in such a state of contention, the game has practically been solved. The literal human limits of Super Mario Bros. have nearly been reached, but players continue to push. Now, the latest new world record isn’t far off from the one set by non-human tools.

Kosmic, who has made his name as a general Super Mario speedrunner, set a new “Any%” world record of 4:55.96. This makes him the very first human being to beat the game in less than 4:56. What’s even more remarkable about this already near-inhuman feat is that Kosmic was able to get this time after practicing a new, untested shortcut, then nailing it on his first serious try in this record-smashing run.

By abusing this new trick, which requires frame-perfect accuracy over and over, Kosmic was able to nearly match a time only achievable in what are referred to as tool-assisted runs, which use programs to simulate play considered too perfect for human ability. What a time to follow speedrunning.

Source: Polygon

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 09/26/2018

09/26/2018 03:25PM


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