Metro Exodus Is Ready for New Game Plus Adventures
Metro Exodus

Ready to be a real ranger? Well, Metro Exodus is offering that with its free Ranger Update. This 6GB patch is immediately available and not only offers the sorts of bug fixes people expect from such a thing. It also adds a much-awaited New Game Plus mode and other cool perks.

The Metro Exodus New Game Plus functions about as you would expect. The weapons and attachments you acquired before can be carried over to a whole new game, provided you have beaten it once. (These appear once you get to Moscow and free Anna, with your starting loadout being the one you last used in your previous game.) In addition, you have new options you can enable in this game, as well as new hidden collectible objects to find and achievements to earn. You could enable one weapon, for example, which gives you one weapon slot. There can also be backpack limitations, a crossbow given at the start, all human enemies can be armored, all creatures can have thicker hides, real-time weather could be added, bad weather could appear, humans could use grenades more often, and there could also be more radiation zones.

The other cool features in this Metro Exodus Ranger Update involve new modes that enchance the experience in New Game Plus. One is Iron Mode, which is more challenging than usual. You can't save in this mode, with the game only saving when you go between different levels. The other mode involves Developer Commentary. This breaks the fourth wall, as Green Tape Players will appear. Each one has commentary from 4A Games describing what went into making the game and why it made the decisions it did.

Basically, if you have Metro Exodus, now is the time to start playing it again. There's a lot of new stuff to do!

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Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Writing Team
Date: 03/26/2019

03/26/2019 09:35AM
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