Destiny 2 New Light and Shadowkeep Delayed Just a Little
Destiny 2

People need to wait a little longer for Destiny 2’s adventures to continue. New Light, the free-to-play rebranding, and Shadowkeep, the next expansion, have been delayed. Fortunately, it isn’t a major one. Instead of showing up on September 17, 2019, it will now make its appearance on October 1,2019.

Bungie offered an explanation as to why it is delaying these two major adventures. Since it is now independent and not subject to Activision’s whims, it doesn’t have to push things out if it doesn’t feel they’re ready yet. Since it felt both the expansion and rebranding could use more work, it decided to go ahead and give it the time it needed. 

Since there is going to be this delay, Bungie will extend activities to occur during the period when Shadowkeep and New Light would have launched. Moments of Triumph kicked off at the beginning of July 2019, and it was supposed to run until August 27, 2019. Now, it will end on September 17, 2019. That same week, an additional Iron Banner will run, to help keep people busy. Then, a weekend Raid race and contest will begin on October 5, 2019 after for Garden of Salvation.

While Destiny 2 New Light and Shadowkeep are delayed, cross-save won’t be. It is currently on schedule. Later in summer 2019, it will kick off. This will give people more range and let them more easily play on other platforms or perhaps continue adventures anywhere.

Source: Bungie

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Writing Team
Date: 08/02/2019

08/02/2019 10:20AM
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