Ubisoft Is Taking Away The Division 2 Expeditions (Temporarily)
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Back in July 2019, Ubisoft added The Division 2 Expeditions. This new mode added in Title Update 5 would allow people to go to Kenly College to complete some missions. Except now they’re gone. The mode has been removed today, and people were only warned about the removal on August 8, 2019.

An official Ubisoft representative showed up to the forums to let people know the Kenly Collect Expedition was being removed from the game. Since it was the only Expedition available, that means all of them are now gone. The alert about it closing arrived the same day that the Student Union, the last investigation area, opened for all players. With it gone, people no longer can earn the Diamondback Exotic rifle or pick up the Expedition Care Package with the Flash Backpack trophy.

When people took to Reddit to discuss the removal, another Ubisoft representative appeared to offer an explanation. While things will likely change, due to only one Expedition being out right now, it means there will be no Expeditions at all while another one. Since it does not have a Mastery element yet, which would have made the missions more replayable and remixed, Ubisoft decided to pull the feature until the Mastery part of Expeditions is ready.

Ubisoft noted that the Kenly College Expedition will return again later in 2019. Due to cycles that will be implemented, it will eventually appear as part of the rotation. In the meantime, it could end up changing ways to earn the Diamondback.

Source: UbisoftReddit

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Writing Team
Date: 08/13/2019

08/13/2019 10:45AM
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