DOA 6 Gives PS Plus and XBLG Members a Special Freebie
Dead or Alive 6

When it comes to Dead or Alive 6, Koei Tecmo handles the game in a special sort of way. While there is always a full, paid version, it also gives people who want to sample things a free-to-play Dead or Alive 6: Core Fighters version. Now, PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold members are getting a special version of DOA 6: Core Fighters with an extra character for the holidays.

Normally, the DOA 6: Core Fighters version only includes four playable fighters. People get access to Bass, Diego, Hitomi, and Kasumi. If they want more characters, they need to pay extra for them. (Or they could go and buy a copy of the full game.) With this temporarily version of the game for PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold members, the roster is boosted to five characters. Ninja Gaiden’s Ryu Hayabusa is also included.

However, PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold subscribers can only get this DOA 6: Core Fighters version for a limited time. Koei Tecmo will have it in the respective storefronts until January 7, 2020. After that, only the basic version with four characters will be available for everyone. (Those who download this special version before then will retain access to it and Hayabusa.)

As for the rest of DOA 6: Core Fighters, it offers a sample of the full game. You still get Arcade, Quest, Time Attack, Training, and Versus modes. It will let you play online. But you don’t get to go through the campaign or have access to all of the other base 20 characters.

Source: Koei Tecmo

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Writing Team
Date: 12/23/2019

12/23/2019 09:10AM
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