Multiple Marvel’s Avengers Special Editions Revealed
Marvel's Avengers

Even though Marvel’s Avengers has been delayed until September 4, 2020, Square Enix is continuing to drive the hype train for the game. It has revealed two different special editions people will be able to pick up. One is the physical Earth’s Mightiest Edition, while the other is a more basic Deluxe Edition. In addition, all the preorder bonuses for the game have been revealed.

First, let’s talk about the Marvel’s Avengers preorders. As you might expect, different stores will have different offers. The items that will be available will be a Steelbook with Mark Brooks cover art, a digital comic based on the game, patches, or pins. Square Enix didn’t confirm which store will have which item just yet. However, the PlayStation Store preorders will definitely have a Ms. Marvel “Talk to the Hand” emote and a PS4 Marvel’s Avengers dynamic theme. In addition, preorders will include beta access, a Marvel Legacy Outfit pack with costumes for the characters, and a Nameplate for people to use in-game.

As for the special editions, each has a few extras. The Deluxe Edition is more basic. It includes 72 hour early access to the game on September 1, 2020. It also gives people Obsidian Nameplates a person can use in-game and six in-game Obsidian Outfits for characters. The Earth’s Mightiest Edition gives people that version of the game and its extras, a Black Widow belt buckle, blueprints for Iron Man’s suit, a group photo of all the characters that you can display, a Hulk bobblehead, a keychain of Thor’s Mjolnir hammer, Steelbook case, and the pin that Kamala Khan wears that names her an honorary member of the team.

PlayStation 4 owners will also get something else special. That store will have a Digital Edition with access to the beta and 72 hour early access to the game on September 1, 2020. It also gives people 1,000 in-game credits to make heroes look better and a Ms. Marvel nameplate for a person to use. 

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Writing Team
Date: 02/14/2020

02/14/2020 12:15PM
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