Street Fighter Gets Final Season, PS5 Reveal Coming Soon?
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Street Fighter V to Have Final Season (via Capcom)

In the absence of Evo 2020, it looks like Capcom will be using its online presence to distribute news. This week, Capcom announced that Street Fighter V will be seeing one more season, the fifth in total. Naturally they’re calling it “Season V.” Five new characters will round out the roster, and three more stages will be added.

PS5 Reveal Rumor Picking up Steam (via Bloomberg)

Multiple reputable personalities and sources in the games media are sharing a story that could tell us when we get the first true look at the PlayStation 5. From Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier and more, the current plan seems to be a showcase event on June 3, 2020. Schreier notes that the pandemic could mean last minute changes, but this date is more “firm” than most.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Soundtrack Available Digitally (via Square Enix)

Square Enix struck gold with Final Fantasy VII Remake, and now has one of the best-selling games of 2020 so far, and easily the fastest-selling game in the Final Fantasy series. So naturally it’s important to capitalize on that success with more stuff. The game’s epic soundtrack, which spans 7 discs comprising over 8 hours of music, is now available for purchase digitally. A special physical edition is also out, but is currently backordered already.

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 05/28/2020

05/28/2020 09:40AM
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