Ubisoft Forward Premiers via Stream, PS5 Gets Closer to Retail
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Ubisoft Forward Brings Reveals, Gameplay, and Release Dates (via Ubisoft)

Ubisoft Forward, which is apparently a series now, had its premiere stream this week. Several informative dumps played for upcoming Ubisoft games, with the biggest being gameplay and release date (November 17) for Assassin's Creed Valhalla, a new release date (October 29) for Watch Dogs Legion, and the official reveal of Far Cry 6 (February 18, 2021). You can check out the stream archive, as well as individual video excerpts from the show on Ubisoft's YouTube channel.

Devolver Digital Brings the E3 Experience to Cyberspace (via Devolver Digital)

Devolver Digital has always had a wild side when it came to E3 time, from hosting off-site barbeques to turning the usual "press conference" into science fiction metahumor. The latest Devolver Direct was the next chapter in that saga, getting us to an endpoint to the story that's been running for four years. But in addition to that we got news, and perhaps even more weird, a free digital version of a video game marketing expo. It's on Steam, and you should check it out because you'll probably never get something this weird again.


PS5 Gets Closer as Retailers Prepare for Selling Consoles (via Amazon)

Rumors were floating around early this week, suggesting that PS5 preorders would be going up sooner rather than later. That ended up not happening when everyone thought it would, but that doesn't mean infrastructure wasn't being established. For example, Amazon and Walmart launched full landing pages for the PS5, featuring high resolution images, marketing language for the console and accessories, and more. Also, on the PlayStation Blog, Sony revealed what the box art for physical PS5 games will look like. So it's coming soon, folks.

Lucas White
Lucas White

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Date: 07/14/2020

07/14/2020 10:55AM
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