Ubisoft and Sony Team Up

Ubisoft and Sony Online Entertainment have announced an agreement that will allow Ubisoft to publish several Sony PSP games in Europe, Oceania, and Asia. Ubisoft has already released Everquest in Europe. Gripshift and Frantix, two puzzle games, will release this holiday season.

Gripshift is a puzzle racing game with a WiFi multiplayer mode that combines brain challenges and body-twisting stunts. Frantix showcases 3D worlds and elaborate character-based puzzles.

"We are thrilled to be working with Ubisoft so that PSP system owners continue to benefit from an increasingly broad catalogue of games designed to take advantage of the unique capabilities of this revolutionary portable console," John Smedley, Sony Onlineā€™s president, stated.

by lindsay
09/09/2005 10:54AM
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