New PSP Game With Dungeons, Dragons, and More

Climax, the developer recreating Landstalker for the PSP, has announced they are creating another game for the PSP called Ore no Dungeon: Desire and Adventurous Spirit. Ore no Dungeon is translated My Dungeon.

The RPG places gamers in a 3D dungeon using a realtime battle system as a sixteen-year old that has a parasitic beast attached to him. He wants to get rid of the beast and the special powers that it endows him. He heads out to find a cure and encounters monsters and traps that can be collected to make your own dungeon. In order to create one, you must first obtain a Dungeon Plate which will allow you to store your monsters and traps. And once you complete your dungeon, you can rent it out to your friends on WiFi.

The Japanese band Crazy Ken Band will be performing the game’s theme song, Tiger & Dragon. The game is set to release this winter (before Landstalker).

by lindsay
09/12/2005 09:37AM
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