Sony Announces First Ever Movie/PSP Combo

Sony has announced that it will release a movie/PSP game combination. It will combine the action-adventure Stealth and an exclusive PSP game Wipeout Pure to create Wipeout Pure: Stealth. The UMD will offer three tracks, three crafts, and three player modes. It will also allow gamers exclusive access to Stealth crafts and a new track not previously available in the Wipeout Pure game. The PSP v2.0 upgrade will be available with this UMD. Three new player modes will be available: single race, zone, and time trail. Three speed levels named vector (beginning), venom (intermediate), and flash (expert) will be playable and three race crafts, Stealth, Fiesar, and Piranha. The three tracks available will be Stealth, Vineta-K, and Zone.

"We are continually looking for new, innovative ways to engance the mobile entertainment experience for consumers," Ben Feingold, president of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, commented. "The Stealth UMD plus game combination will provide gaming and film fans with an unparalleled entertainment experience that marks the next phase in portable entertainment."

The UMD will be available for 49.95.

by lindsay
09/13/2005 09:11AM
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