EA Announces New NFL Game

The popularity of Madden has proven that many of us have dreams of becoming big NFL stars, but what about becoming the coach that leads a team to the Super Bowl? EA is hoping there are plenty of gamers out there who dream of fame in NFL coaching. The company has recently announced a new "3D strategy sports game" that will allow gamers to manage every aspect of an NFL franchise on and off the field. The game is currently called NFL Head Coach (working title). EA has teamed up with the NFL Coaches Club to create this game.

"NFL Head Coach, the third pillar in our NFL portfolio, was developed to satiate all those Monday morning quarterbacks and fantasy football fanatics," explained Dale Jackson, Executive Producer at EA Tiburon. "NFL Head Coach is an entirely new football experience that every level of football gamer can play. It provides the strategy that the hardcore fan will demand, but with very easy-to-use controls and assistance for more casual fans. Football will no longer be intimidating for the casual user."

The game is set to release for the PS2, PC, and Xbox in the Spring of 2006.

by lindsay
10/18/2005 10:45AM
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