What? No Halo 3?!?

Prepare yourself for this one. Recently, Todd Bishop of the Seattle Post spoke to J. Allard. Here is clip from their interview.

Question: There were listings by some online retailers citing a spring release date for "Halo 3" among their pre-orders. What can you say about that?

Allard: Well, maybe that know more than I do. (Laughing.) You know, Bungie is definitely working on an Xbox 360 title right now. The thing that’s made Bungie games special, always, is they don’t rush it. They don’t hold themselves to an artificial date. They preserve the quality and the depth of the experience above all else.

The original "Halo" was four-and-a-half years in development. The next "Halo," people gave us a lot of heat for slipping it, what, six months from the originally anticipated date. But it ws the most successful title on the Xbox platform, one of the most influential titles of the entire last generation. And so we’re glad we waited. The next Bungie title, I think you can expect not more of the same, but rather a title that holds itself to that same kind of bar.

Q: But you’re saying "the next Bungie title", you’re not saying "Halo 3." You’re not confirming there’s a "Halo 3."

Allard: There is going to be a "Halo" movie. I can confirm that.

Okay, keep breathing. After all, there is a lot of room for interpretation in Allard’s statements. He left the possibility open that there will not be another Halo 3, but he also could be suggesting that Bungie will not be creating the title. Or maybe this is just a sneaky mind game by Microsoft... Keep checking back to Cheat Code Central for more information as we discover it.

by lindsay
10/18/2005 10:47AM
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