EyeToy 2

Nam Tai Electronics, Inc and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe are collaborating again to create an EyeToy 2 for the new Satin Silver PlayStation 2. Eye Toy 2, a USB Camera that uses motion-tracking technology to capture a player’s body movement and transform the image into on-screen interaction, will be similar to the original EyeToy, only smaller in size and more lightweight.

"Given our previous success of manufacturing the first generation of EyeToy cameras, we are very delighted to once again have the opportunity to build the second generation of award-winning EyeToy cameras for PlayStation 2," communicated Joseph Li, Chief Executive Officer of Nam Tai.

The first EyeToy has received numerous awards and public recognition for its outstanding innovation in the console game field since it’s release in July 2003.

by lindsay
06/26/2005 08:00PM
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