New Doom 3 Multiplayer Maps

Activision and id Software has released two new multiplayer maps for Doom 3 for the Xbox.

The first map is called Communications. A receiving area warehouse providing storage and distribution for the Communication sector on Mars, Communications is home to long corridors and dark corners and is perfect for surprising enemy players from the shadows or taking them out head-on, so gamers will have to keep on their toes to survive in this dangerous environment.

The second map is Surface. A lonely section of the Mars UAC base left exposed to the elements of the Martian environment, Surface is a multi-tiered industrial yard centered between two external gates, where a vast amount of pipes and platforms criss-cross over a large section of the Martian surface, helping any player bring death from above. Players must be quick, agile, and skilled at shooting on the fly to win.

The maps are currently available for $29.99 and are rated M for Mature.

by lindsay
10/20/2005 08:08AM
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