Thompson Finally In Trouble!

Jack Thompson’s lunatic rantings and ravings have definitely caught the eyes and ears of the gaming community, but it seems that the Florida Bar Association (FBA) has now begun to take notice.

After Thompson’s run-in with Penny Arcade (see story), many fans began to complain to the FBA about Thompson’s tactics. After these numerous complaints, it seems that the organization is thinking through what to do with Thompson.

Thompson has decided to try and make peace with the video game industry in a recent turn of events. He has commented that he does not want to continue to push for government regulation, but believes that the gaming community can solve their differences with pro-family groups peacefully.

Looking at Thompson’s previous belief that gamers were the lowest lifeforms (my words, not his but this is the general tone he conveys), it is hard to believe that he has had a change of heart overnight.

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by lindsay
10/20/2005 08:11AM
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