Battlefield 2 Sequel in Progress?

The creators of Battlefield 2, Digital Illusions CE (DICE) has announced that they are creating a new PC game based on an existing DICE franchise. The company was recently acquired by EA. Many are suspicious that the game is a new entry in the Battlefield 1942 series. A planned launch in late 2006 has been set.

When the company became affliated with EA, it leased out the rights to create an unspecified title on the PSP, Xbox, and PS2. The PSP version of Battlefield 2 has been put on hold. Xbox and PS2 versions of the game are set to release this winter. The Xbox 360 version will be out in the Spring of 2006.

"For the moment, the Company does not have sufficient personnel resources to simultaneously develop several different games for all significant platforms. For Digital Illusions it is therefor an attractive solution to license out the production for certain platform versions because it enables the Company to obtain a greater product portfolio without additional cost," explained a statement released by DICE.

by lindsay
10/21/2005 08:22AM
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