Games for Girls

Although many believe they don’t really play games, Idea Factory is creating a series of games targeted for...females! Kagami no Fujo has already debuted for the PlayStation 2 and the second title, Hoshi no Furu Toki (meaning When the Stars Fall), has already been announced.

You will get to be Akane, a young woman in her second year as a high school student that possesses a special stone given to her years earlier by a beautiful woman who disappears after handing over this mysterious stone.

The objective? Akane wants to build a romantic relationship with one of seven boys from her school. The game has two gameplay systems. The first is the Double Story System that involves a sudden change in the current game scenario if Akane fulfills certain conditions. The second system is called the Ai Catch System (Love Catch System in English) that gives you the option of seeing how each boy feels about you on a chart.

Idea Factory is hoping for a fall release in Japan.

by lindsay
06/26/2005 08:00PM
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