Jack Thompson Believes Sony Is Insensitive and Racist

I think we speak for most people that Jack Thompson’s comments in his recent press release were offensive. Game Politics asked Thompson to clarify his comments. Unfortunately, he did not apologize but rather dug himself a deeper hole.

"What the Japanese are doing to our kids is insensitive and racist. The Japanese have for a very long time dumped pornography into this country in a fashion they would not tolerate in their own country. It is another version of Pearl Harbor," Thompson stated. "GTA is a Sony/Take-Two game. It was made by Take-Two exclusively for Sony’s PlayStation 2. Sony has led the planet in the distribution of mainstream porn. I don’t have time to document it for you. As for the offensiveness of the Pearl Harbor comment, it’s accurate and it’s needed. The Japanese have a contempt for our culture which is patent. Their dumping of garbage into our culture is a slow motion version of Pearl Harbor."

by lindsay
11/02/2005 08:02AM
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