Is the Video Game Industry in Trouble?

Games have continued to become more mainstream as the years have passed. The game industry currently makes more money than the movie industry. Colleges have begun adopting entire majors to game development. Everyone seems optimistic about the future of the industry.

Yet, Warren Spector dissented from this popular view at the Montreal International Game Summit. Spector has developed twenty-two games including Deus Ex and is the founder of Junction Point Studios. He believes that the video game industry is taking its security for granted.

He believes that the industry needs to diversify itself to continue to grow at the rate it has been growing and that it needs to pay attention to the growing concern over regulation.

"The fact is things could get a lot worse for us and it could happen really soon," Spector warned.

"We’ve got to stop limiting ourselves to adolescent male power fantasies."

Spector believes game developers must work harder to reach out to women, people of diverse ethnic backgrounds, and older gamers.

"It’s very easy for me to see a future where a mainstream audience gets sick of us," he stated. "We’re reaching a broader audience, which is frightening older non-gaming folks."

"The problem is not that what we’re doing is bad. The problem is that what we’re doing is so limited."

by lindsay
11/04/2005 06:50AM
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