Activision Gains Rights to All Video Games Based on DreamWorks Movies

Activision and DreamWorks have signed a long-term agreement that allows Activision to create video games based on DreamWorks movies. Activision is currently developing games based on "Over the Hedge" which will be released in May 2006 and "Shrek 3" which is set to release in 2007.

"Our association with DreamWorks has resulted in some of the most critically acclaimed and successful movie-based video games ever," stated Robert Kotick, Chairman and CEO at Activision. "This announcement enables us to continue to build on our strong creative collaboration and underscores Activision’s ongoing commitment to developing exceptional games based on the highest quality intellectual properties and brands."

"Activision is a market leader in developing computer-generated movie properties into video game franchises. Working with Activision, we hope to deliver an unprecedented level of collaboration between the movie and the video game," affirmed Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks Animation.

"The new generation of gaming platforms will help us expand our computer-generated movies into interactive entertainment like never before," Anne Globe, head of Worldwide Consumer Products and Promotions for DreamWorks Animation, commented. "We look forward to working with Activision to extend our stories and characters into rich worlds of interactive entertainment."

by lindsay
11/16/2005 06:27AM
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