Jack Thompson's Conduct Got Him Kicked Off GTA Killer Case

We reported earlier that Jack Thompson, a longtime enemy of the video game industry, had stepped down from the Strickland vs. Sony case that is prosecuting Devin Moore and many retailers over Moore’s shooting of several police officers.

Game Politics got its hands on a dirty little eighteen-page decision by Judge Moore that shows that Thompson was kicked off the case for his unprofessional conduct.

"In my opinion, Judge Moore has violated Canon 1, Canon 2, and Canon 3 of the Alabama Canons of Judicial Ethics by his unfortunate, improper, and prejudicial acts in this case, at the expense of three bereaved Alabama families," Thompson responded to Moore’s angry letter.

Well, Thompson can talk all he wants (and he does), but that doesn’t get him back on the case. Ray Reiser has taken over his position. We will keep you posted on the story.

by lindsay
11/18/2005 12:00PM


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