Far Cry Instincts to be Released for Xbox

Today, Ubisoft announced that Far Cry Instincts will be released exclusively on the Xbox console.

The first person shooter wowed gamers with its cutting edge PC graphics in Far Cry where you play as Jack Carver, an innocent man hired to sail a mysterious woman around the Pacific. During this trip, Jack’s ship is attacked and he finds himself on a tropical island alone. His mission: find this mysterious woman and save her from an army of strong and armed mercenaries (as if she hadn’t caused him enough trouble already).

Far Cry Instincts begins with Carver tied to a chair in a cargo ship. After a stranger frees him from the chair, he seeks real freedom from those who have captured him. You are in control of Jack’s destiny armed with intellect, stealth and, of course, weapons.

Far Cry Instincts features an new game engine called the CryENGINE that we are sure you will love and amazing graphics.

by lindsay
06/27/2005 08:00PM
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