Dead to Rights: Reckoning Released for PSP

Namco released Dead to Rights-Reckoning for the PSP yesterday. Single and multi-player game play is available for this release, but don’t expect the game to last you long. Average game play in the single player mode is five hours.

Reckoning is the prequel to the original Dead to Rights. Jack Slate is doing late-night patrol when the game begins. His quiet night in Grant City is interrupted when he is informed that a girl has been kidnapped from the nightclub, Pink Starfish. Oh, but she isn’t just any girl. She is an important informant for the investigation of a major crime lord. Since Jack is headed into dangerous gang territory to rescue this woman, he is of course backed only by his dog, Shadow. Cool weapons (five for each weapon class) and cooler stunts (16 disarming moves and a tackling move) fill this short but thrilling game with explosive fights and fun boss battles.

Purchase Dead to Rights: Reckoning for $39.99 but only if you are 17 or older because this game is rated M.

by lindsay
06/28/2005 08:00PM
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