Consumers Dissatisfied with PSP and DS

"Customers say the DS beats the PSP hands down in each of the areas that concern them most: games, device quality, and screen. Furthermore, gamers find the DS superior value as it is substantially cheaper the the rival PSP. Sony’s impressive marketing campaign for the PSP has put it at the forefront of customer minds; it is discussed twice as frequently as the DS. Perhaps, surprisingly this has not fed through to customer satisfaction," wrote WaveMetrix in a report released that states consumers like the Nintendo DS better than the Sony PSP.

The DS outscored the PSP in three main areas: games, quality, and value for money. Yet, they scored equally poorly on the fourth category: the screen. Dead pixels have created unsatisfied customers of both handhelds.

Gamers would like to see the DS expand its titles, but the PSP just doesn’t have enough games. There were also complaints about the analogue control stick of the PSP.

Quality complaints about the PSP were many, but the DS only had one main complaint. Gamers would like to see thicker, more scratch-resistant materials to be used on the screens.

And most complained that the PSP costs way more than the DS and isn’t way cooler. People were satisfied with the price to quality ratio of the DS, but the PSP had a long way to go.

Overall, the report didn’t show gamers as completely awed by either handheld.

by lindsay
07/11/2005 09:18AM
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