SAG Reconvenes to Discuss Wages of Video Game Actors

After the executive board previously rejected a new contract with video game actors, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) convened Wednesday to consider a new contract that offers actors higher wages, but does not pay residuals on the most popular games.

SAG decided to have ballots mailed to the 1,900 members who work in video games to vote on the referendum. The ballots are due back on July 28, 2005. The current contract has been extended to accomodate the voting.

Actors and producers have had contracts since 1993, but now that video games are grossing as much as domestic movie ticket sales, the actors want a larger share of the revenue. Producers are upset about the proposal. They argue that movies and video games are not the same because people do not buy video games because of the people voicing the characters.

Currently, actors are paid at least $556 per four-hour session. They would like to see this increased to $759 by the year 2008.

by lindsay
06/30/2005 11:19AM
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