Video Games Live Announces Festivities

Video Games Live, the first video game music concert tour, has announced some of the pre-show festivities that will take place at the show scheduled for July 6, 2005 at the Hollywood Bowl. A costume contest and a history of arcade games called Videotopia will be featured. Celebrated guests will include game legends like Hideo Kojimi (Metal Gear Solid) and David Jaffe (Twisted Metal, God of War).

Video game music will be played for the first time ever by a full orchestra and choir and exclusive footage of games set to music will be played on three giant interactive video screens. Live action and stunts by some of your favorite video game characters ( promises it won’t be cheesy) with special effects along with a fully designed laser and light show synchronized with music and video will be a spectacular highlight of the evening. Also, several audience members will be selected to come on stage and play a video game while he orchestra plays along with their moves.

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by lindsay
06/30/2005 12:15PM
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