Boy protects PS3 from robbers with katana

When burglars broke into the home of Florida teen Damian Fernandez with the intent of stealing his PlayStation 3, he decided to fight back...with a sword. 

Fernandez and his 15-year old sister were home alone when burglars attempted to break into their home.  Fernandez, who holds a brown belt in karate, grabbed his sword and waited for the trespassers while his sister hid in the closet.  "Once I saw him take off running back, I jumped off my (bunk) bed and I grabbed my sword … and I just waited for him," he said.  After the burglar reappeared, Fernandez struck him in the chest with the sword.  The foiled pair of burglars then fled, and one was later apprehended by the police as he hid behind the neighbor's palm tree.

The burglars had apparently noticed an empty PS3 box and decided search the house for the console. 


by news_editor
06/12/2007 02:01PM


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