380 new PlayStation 3 titles by next March?

Sony Computer Entertainment President Kaz Hirai has apparently said that gamers can expect 380 new software titles between now and next March.  Hirai's prediction includes 180 downloadable PSN titles and 200 retail games. 

The purported 380 upcoming titles are obviously intended to promote PlayStation 3 sales.  In addition, Sony is also apparently trying to entice third party publishers to create and bring software to their console. 

After the near simultaneous launch of the PlayStation 3 with the Wii, the Wii has been drastically outselling Sony's system, with the latest figures indicating a 5 to 1 margin in some regions.  Also, Sony has lost some system exclusives, including Devil May Cry 4 and Mercenaries 2, which will both be available on the Xbox 360. 

We'll keep you informed on news as it becomes available. 


by news_editor
06/21/2007 01:58PM


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