Nintendo Boosting Online Presence?

The Wii's popularity cannot be denied, but Nintendo has always lagged far behind the Sony and Microsoft where online gaming was concerned.  However, apparently Nintendo is planning on rectifying that situation. 

Nintendo of Japan announced a partnership with broadband provider Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp with the intentions of improving Nintendo's online presence. 

An NTT representative stated that "I hope our fibre-optic service becomes as popular as the Wii. I think we have won a powerful ally to hit our target to boost fibre-optic subscribers to 20 million by the year ending March 2011."

This move shows Nintendo's dedication to improving their online capabilities.  Hopefully, we'll see this dedication manifesting in all markets and in online play.  More on this as it develops. 


by news_editor
11/28/2007 12:23PM


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