Hidden Satanic Messages*
An organization called Backmasking Busters claims they have found evidence of hidden satanic messages embedded in video games.

Backmasking is the term used to describe the process of recording a voice and burying it into a musical track backwards, thus masking it. Often, the backwards vocal track is reported to contain satanic messages, either spoken or sung. It's believed this technique is used to infiltrate the subconscious mind of the listener in an effort to subliminally brainwash them into occult activities. Although these claims reached their peak in the 80s when they were aimed at analog heavy metal recording of bands such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Twisted Sister, Backmasking Busters say Satan recruitment is back, encoded in video games.

"We have examined codes of numerous games from Halo to Prince of Persia to Monkey Ball and all LEGO games, and they all contain blatant Satanic messages," says Backmasking Busters chairman Mark T. Cecil-Buss. "In all of these games you can clearly see SATAN IS LORD written backward in parts of the codes. We all knew video games were evil but we couldn't prove it until now. Now it's time to fight to the death or all will be lost," Cecil-Buss warns.

"This guy's a moron," says game developer Benny Octawarch. "There are hundreds of thousands of letters and number combinations in a game code, there are so many random possibilities. I just found a backward code that says CECILBUSSSUCKS. I could go on and on with examples. And just how the hell is a backward code going to enter into anyone's subconscious if they don't hear it or read it? Some people have nothing better to do," Octawarch maintains.

Cecil-Buss goes on to explain that subliminal manipulation is a powerful and effective weapon, a practice that has been outlawed by the Supreme Court. He says developers have been getting away with it for decades because nobody has thought to look at game codes until now. He blames games for ruining kids' lives and ultimately destroying America from within.

"This is ridiculous," Octawarch retorts. "Subliminal messages do not work. It's just a stupid scare tactic. If subliminal messaging worked, most Americans would be lazy, overweight, do their shopping at Wal Mart, eat at McDonalds, watch TV endlessly, listen to crappy music like Lady Gaga, and embrace every new trend like texting, blogs, Twitter, tweets, iPhones, iPads, and video games. How stupid and impressionable do you think people are?"
09/17/2010 06:12PM


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