Xbox LIVE Attacks Autistic Child
Jennifer Zdenek is the mother of an 11-year-old autistic child who excels at playing Xbox games. Her son has spent hours racking up achievements in his games only to have them wiped when Xbox LIVE stamped his gamer tag with the word "Cheater."

Autism is a mental disability which makes social interaction difficult, and Zdenek believes her son's game-playing has served as a positive and healthy social outlet for him. Many of the people he plays with online are considered good friends. This makes the news all the more devastating for the boy, who has worked very hard to earn all of these achievements.

Zdenek is outraged at Microsoft, which has responded with emails telling her that her son's account was modified illegally. They even told her that he has to earn all the achievements over again if he wants his gamerscore back. She is considering canceling her son's LIVE account if they don't remove the "Cheater" tag from his account.

So now Microsoft can punish people for being too good at video games? This sounds a lot like the beginnings of a discrimination lawsuit.

01/27/2011 03:54PM


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