Uncharted 3 To Require Online Pass
Online passes are nothing new in the videogame world. It's been a while since companies started requiring used game buyers to fork up an extra fee just to access multiplayer. Still, no one could have predicted that online passes would become the norm across most triple A titles.

Now, Uncharted 3 has jumped on the online pass bandwagon, showing that Sony, too, is sticking their finger in the used game market's eye. A while back we heard that they were developing the "PSN Pass" for just this reason, and now Uncharted 3 looks to be one of the first games to require it.

The news comes straight from Juan Jiminez from Sony Spain. Juan quotes the price of the PSN Pass at ten dollars, which is a bit cheaper than we have seen other passes go for. All new copies of Uncharted 3 will come with a code that acts as an instant PSN pass, so anyone getting it on release day won't have to worry.

That being said, ten dollars to activate the online features of a used game is not that bad. It's still a pretty crappy way to punish gamers who buy used games, but the ten dollar price tag is a bit easier to handle.

By Angelo D'Argenio

10/03/2011 12:40PM


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