Nintendo Negotiating Wii U Streaming Content
It probably won't surprise anyone to hear that Nintendo is currently in negotiations with several major content providers to bring streaming video to the Wii U. After all, Microsoft claims to have some 40 million subscribers streaming videos on their Xbox 360s, and Nintendo wouldn't mind having a piece of that pie.

The news comes from a recent article in AdWeek, whose sources indicate that Nintendo is creating a strategy that mirrors, at least to some extent, what Microsoft has done. By turning the Wii U into a multimedia delivery device rather than a mere console, Nintendo will hopefully be able to pocket more advertisers and content providers for their streaming service.

"I don’t know if they have the chops to pull it off," says Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter. In fact, Pachter is unsure if the Wii U can successfully compete in the cutthroat video game market at all. "I don’t think game publishers are going to support it.”

The Wii U is definitely going to bring a strange new addition to the video game world, and there's no telling how gamers will react to the console. When Nintendo released the Wii in 2006, it effectively reorganized the entire industry's thought process. But the Wii U is looking like an increasingly bigger gamble.

No official release date has been attached to the Wii U as of yet, but Nintendo has promised that we should see it by the holiday season.

By Josh Engen

02/23/2012 08:30AM


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