Dark Souls Announcement Incoming
On the official Dark Souls Facebook page, NAMCO Bandai recently mentioned a future Dark Souls announcement.

Shortly thereafter, a Dark Souls teaser image was found on the back of Australian PC Magazine, PC PowerPlay. The teaser was an iconic “You Died” image from Dark Souls, and it’s existence on the back of a PC magazine has lead many fans to believe that this new big announcement will be a PC version of the much-loved action RPG.

Eurogamer has even gone as far as to speculate that the PC version will have brand new content built in. This new content would then become available to console players as DLC.

NAMCO Bandai has not confirmed or denied any of these speculations. However, the publisher will be holding a “Gamer’s Day” in Las Vegas on April 12th. We will be bringing you more information about the Dark Souls announcement from Vegas as it takes place.

By Angelo M. D'Argenio

03/21/2012 09:48AM


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