Blizzard Thinking Two WoW Expansions Ahead
In a recent interview with CVG, Blizzard COO Paul Sams said that he already knows what the next WoW expansion after the Mists of Pandara will be. Not only that, but he’s already heard a pitch for the next expansion after that, saying, “I’m pretty geeked up about it. They already know what they’re going to be doing for multiple expansions ahead.”

That being said, it’s not as if these expansions are in development yet. Sams said that both of these expansions are only ideas and plans right now. No concrete development has been done yet. Instead, they simply have a general framework for how the expansions will be made.

Sams believes that the Mists of Pandaria expansion is just what WoW needs to reinvigorate itself. He says it will “breathe huge life” into the game. Couple this with Blizzard’s latest offers to quickly level up a character if you come back to the game after an absence, and it seems like they have a pretty solid strategy to keep players involved for several expansions to come.

By Angelo M. D'Argenio

03/23/2012 10:31AM


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