Is Tales Of Xillia Coming Stateside?
NAMCO Bandai is notorious for not bringing its popular Tales series to the United States. Tales fans everywhere have been importing the series ever since the original Tales of Phantasia. However, it appears as if NAMCO Bandai has finally decided to bring some of these beloved titles to American shores.

Earlier this month, we got the PS3 remake of Tales of Graces f (check out our review), and now we are hearing news that NAMCO Bandai has trademarked Tales of Xillia in the United States. This comes after similar news of a trademark in Europe.

Tales of Xillia was released in Japan last fall to extremely high reviews. The game marked the first time both illustrious Tales development teams came together to produce one title. NAMCO hasn’t officially announced that the game will be coming to the U.S., but the publisher will be holding a press event next month. It’s possible that they will announce a localization of Tales of Xillia at that time. Tales fans, keep your fingers crossed.

By Angelo M. D'Argenio

03/27/2012 09:32AM


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