Fez Release Date Is Official
Fez, the interesting little perspective-shifting indie platformer that a lot of us have been drooling over for years now, finally has a release date. Fans can expect to get their hands on this one on April 13. Yes, that’s Friday the 13th, so perhaps the game isn’t for the superstitious.

This unique little title plays in 2D, but features a 3D world that can be rotated to allow the cute little protagonist to reach various locations.

We here at Cheat Code Central aren’t the only ones who think this game looks pretty neat. It took home the Seumas McNally Grand Prize at the Independent Games Festival Awards this year.

Fez will be available on XBLA for a measly 800 MS points. That’s ten bucks, for the less mathmatically inclined among our readership. Expect our full review in April. We can’t wait.

By Josh Wirtanen

03/28/2012 07:22PM


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