LulzSec Hacker Gives Up The Ghost
The LulzSec story is a long and brutal one, including the release of copious amounts of private information, the breaching of private companies’ supposedly secure servers, and the ire of a multimedia empire scorned. All of that may be coming to a close, though, with the guilty plea of Cody Kretsinger, accused of being one of the organization’s once-faceless hackers.

The plea was made today in a federal court in California, with Kretsinger pleading guilty to a single count of conspiracy and one more of “unauthorized impairment of a protected computer.” This overturns his earlier not guilty plea, and puts him at the mercy of the court (though the plea was made as part of a deal with prosecutors, so it is likely that he is getting some sort of consideration out of it).

The case was tied to the massive breach of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Kretsinger’s charges levied specifically at his suspected involvement in that hacking campaign.

By Shelby Reiches

04/05/2012 04:04PM


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