Vita Skyping Before May?
The PSP Go and the PSP-3000 each included a built in microphone, which made them capable platforms for, at the very least, Skype’s audio services. Making phone calls from your handheld console may not have been the most elegant ordeal, but it was a neat bit of functionality in a pinch, and useful for those who needed to speak with others outside of their home country.

The Vita, conspicuously, did not launch with a Skype application, despite that its front-facing camera would seem to make it a perfect fit for the service, which also allows for video chat in most of its iterations. It’s good to see, then, that a comment on the official PlayStation EU blog, inquiring into the status of an expected Skype app, provoked a response from a Sony representative, stating that the app is looking to be out at “the tail end of the month at the moment.”

That means the end of April, ‘twould seem, should see Vita owners able to use their handhelds as a potential video conferencing device.

By Shelby Reiches

04/13/2012 02:39PM


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