TOR Hits 1.2, Lets You Build Your Legacy
Legacy titles are one of the more unique features in The Old Republic. They consist of family names applied to characters on your account, earned when one first completes a character’s class quest. This system has offered perks to players within a Legacy, based on an overall “Legacy level” tied to one’s account.

Update 1.2 has a second name, though. The Legacy Update. Its intent, in addition to balancing gameplay and introducing a new planet (with two special conflicts on it), is to dramatically expand the Legacy system.

This expansion includes new perks and abilities that are tied to Legacy characters, including apparent “family abilities” that pass down your special class buff to other characters within your legacy, once you fulfill certain conditions with your character.

Beyond that, Update 1.2 makes a set of quality-of-life additions and alterations, including support for UI customization and the introduction of guild banks. Want to see it all for yourself? Update 1.2 is live now.

By Shelby Reiches

04/13/2012 02:41PM


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