God Of War: Ascension Confirmed By Sony
Yesterday, we posted an article speculating about Sony’s mysterious teaser. Our conclusion? It was probably going to be God of War IV. Well, guess what? We were right about pretty much everything but the title. After a trailer and cover art were leaked by Amazon.com, God of War: Ascension was announced for the PS3 on an official US PlayStation Blog post.

The announcement came with the already leaked launch trailer, showing a bloody silhouette of Kratos struggling against chains while the classic God of War narrator continued to tell his story. It references a time before Kratos was the Ghost of Sparta.

However, a couple things about this trailer seem enigmatic to us. First of all, we know that Kratos got the Ghost of Sparta title because he was covered in the ashes of his dead family, and the trailer appears to show him still covered in said ashes. It also talks about a time that Kratos would break his blood oath to an unjust god, but he already did that in God of War I. It even talks of a time when he would no longer be bound by blood, but he was bound by blood ever since before the series started.

So it seems like the game will be a prequel, but the trailer futzes around with the timeline enough that we can’t really be sure. Hopefully we will get more information at E3 this June.

By Angelo M. D'Argenio

04/19/2012 10:04AM


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