Runic Not Ready To Develop Torchlight MMO
According to Torchlight developer Runic, it will still be a long time before the Torchlight MMO gets made. They are just finishing up work on Torchlight II, and that alone has dominated their work schedules.

"An MMO is a hell of a commitment," Runic CEO Max Schaefer said in an interview with Rock, Paper Shotgun. "It means we're gonna be doing that for a few years at least prior to release and then committing years of support for it afterward. So it's a decision we take very, very seriously."

A Torchlight MMO is the eventual end goal for Runic, but right now they don’t have the time or manpower. Their studio consists of a meager thirty-man team. The fact that they were able to make Torchlight I and II with a team that size is a testament to the skill of their developers. Perhaps they will look deeper into plans for a Torchlight MMO after Torchlight II releases, but for now we just have to wait.

By Angelo M. D'Argenio

04/19/2012 10:42AM


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