Soul Sacrifice Showing Off Next Month
In the months since the Vita hit store shelves, the post-launch glow has faded and releases have slowed from a torrent to a trickle. Perhaps more worrying has been the seeming complete lack of information regarding planned new releases for the system. What’s in the works for Sony’s newest handheld? No one seems to know.

Well, no one seemed to know. Now we have details, or at least teaser art, for a new Vita game called Soul Sacrifice.

Initial images paint a dark, mythical, and bloody picture of what appear to be demons and sorcerers, which would work well with its name, certainly. The idea of sacrificing or selling one’s soul, the essence of one’s mortal being, is typically one done in the pursuit of power (in the Faustian sense) or in the binding of something powerful (whether to oneself or from reality). Whatever the case, more details are promised by the game’s new Japanese site on May 10.

By Shelby Reiches

04/19/2012 03:34PM


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