You’ll get a lot of mileage out of NRG. Literally.

NRG is one of the strangest concepts in video games. And science. Shooting microscopic bubbles with a laser while trying to line them up for multiple chain reactions results in more than bonus points. It will actually result in a form of fusion. It may look like a game, but it’s actually real.

NRG uses a tiny, remote-controlled laser device that is dropped into a tank of petrol. It relays visual information to your PlayStation Vita so you can see the actual gas molecules, thanks to the built-in electronic microscope. Blasting these bubbles (gas molecules) with the laser causes the electrons to release stored energy. If you can line up two or more bubbles for a chain reaction, the result is an energy output ten to a hundred times more powerful than a standard combustion engine. With a gamer on board, a trip across the country could cost pennies.

“This does work; it’s been tested extensively,” claims inventor Ollie Oxenfree. “Scientists have been looking for alternative energy sources for years, but they never thought to combine two existing sources. Only a qualified gaming enthusiast can identify, track, and target these molecules. It’s too complex a task for a computer; it requires human skills. A gamer can sit in the backseat of a car, train, or airplane and generate insane amounts of energy while playing a fun game. The only reason the oil companies haven’t killed me is because this technology still uses petrol.”

The science behind NRG is not rocket science; it’s more complicated than that. Recognizing that gas has tremendous potential energy, the fact that we burn it to release that energy wastes more energy than we use. Using a cold laser at the molecular level is the most efficient way to exploit the energy potential of petrol. By creating chain reactions, the energy output level is amplified. NRG is like having a nuclear reactor in your vehicle.

The system is simple to hook up, just drop the capsule in your gas tank, turn on your Vita, and start shooting bubbles. NRG’s initial investment will pay for itself in less than a couple of weeks.

“I’m not dramatic enough to suggest this will change the world,” Oxenfree states, “That will be for others to say. But NRG will mean using less of the world’s resources, and therefore lessen our carbon footprint. But now I’m going to have to head back in the lab to figure out a way to make the gas bubbles look like monsters, aliens, and clowns so the gamers won’t get bored.”

By Cole Smith

04/27/2012 04:28PM


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