UPDATE: Starhawk Devs Love Early Adopters Too
Okay, so you didn’t participate in the Starhawk beta test. Maybe you just didn’t have the time or the game didn’t really pique your interest until it was too late, but you’re looking at the neat bonuses those who did participate are slated to receive and you find yourself thinking, “Man, I want me some of that!”

Well, LightBox Interactive and SCE Santa Monica won’t be giving those specific bonuses out to just anyone, but they do have a slew of goodies for anyone who pre-orders the game from GameStop. This is far more than just a Starhawk theme and the game’s soundtrack (though both are included). There’s an additional “Maw of Despair” co-op map and an additional player homeworld, as well as a couple of multiplayer skins.

For those looking for more in the way of actual value, though, those who pre-order will also received both a free month of PlayStation Plus and a digital copy of the original PSOne Classic version of Warhawk. For those who’ve never played it, it’s an almost Descent-esque shooter and was one of the shining points in the early PlayStation line-up.

LightBox, we salute your devotion to your fans.

By Shelby Reiches

05/03/2012 01:20PM


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