BG&E2 Still Alive, Might Need New Hardware
Beyond Good & Evil was one of those cult classics that failed so spectacularly from a sales perspective that it seemed unlikely the game would ever see a sequel, leaving dangling plot-threads unresolved. But a second game was announced, interest for the series spurred with Steam and GoG releases of the PC version, with HD re-releases on modern consoles that brought Jade and Pey’j’s story into the greater gaming consciousness.

The sequel has long been a source of questions by gamers. Much like Final Fantasy Versus XIII, new material has not been shown in a long time, the game has missed trade shows, and word of it seems to have entirely dried up to the point where consumers and press alike question its continued existence. In an interview with Michel Ancel, helpfully translated by members of the NeoGAF forum, the Ubisoft dev reveals that work on the project continues, but that the game may not be out until the next generation of hardware is available, making it hard for him to pin down a date.

He states that, when it comes to designing a game, his team puts the design first, then waits for the hardware to come along to handle it, implying, between that and comments about the game’s need for more powerful hardware, that BG&E2’s design is so ambitious that the current generation of consoles simply would not be able to do it justice. So my question to you: would you rather get a pared down version of the game, functional on modern consoles, or wait for Ancel and his team to realize their vision on the next generation of hardware? For me, it’s a simple choice.

By Shelby Reiches

05/07/2012 02:29PM


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