Minecraft Breaks Day-One Sales Records
According to Markus “Notch” Person, Minecraft has blown the existing sales records on the XBLA out of the water. The sales were apparently good enough that the game became profitable in less than an hour. Now that’s impressive.

Official numbers have not yet been released, although Notch himself describes them as “very, very good,” and we’ve since been told that Minecraft has apparently had the best first day of any downloadable title to have ever graced Xbox LIVE.

Minecraft has sold nearly 6 million copies on the PC, earning more than 80 million dollars in revenue. Now that the game has been given console exposure, we can only imagine what heights these numbers have climbed to.

Minecraft is currently available for the budget price of 1,600 Microsoft Points. The real question is: will this phenomenal Xbox release actually effect the traffic that the PC version has received, or will the PC version continue strong even now that the game has found a home on consoles?

By Angelo M. D'Argenio

05/10/2012 03:39PM


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