The Wii U’s New Controller Is An Xbox Controller
Obviously Nintendo was pretty anxious to get E3 off the ground this year, so they decided to kick the festivities off a little early with a pre-E3 online press conference this evening. During Satoru Iwata's semi-awkward presentation, Nintendo dropped a few interesting tidbits about changes being made to the Wii U's control pad.

Don't worry; the tablet-style controller that we've all been waiting for isn't going anywhere. However, Nintendo is making an obvious push into Microsoft and Sony's territory by introducing a Pro Controller for their upcoming console, which will probably look pretty familiar to those of you who have ever owned a Microsoft system.

Essentially, Nintendo's majestic new controller is an Xbox 360 controller with a few buttons shuffled around. Iwata promises that this will give hardcore players the control that they've been missing since the Wii U dropped in 2006. The pro controller won't affect the Wiimote, balance board, or any of your other Wii favorites, but it might broaden the console choices for those of you that were worried about the Wii not scratching your Call of Duty itch come November.

Actually, the controller itself is a little disappointing. Iwata's entire presentation was dedicated to Nintendo's brilliance and innovation, and then they proudly rolled out a new controller that we've all seen before. Either way, the need for a new controller does make me wonder what kind of lineup Nintendo has planned, and Iwata promises to give let us look behind the curtain this week.

What a tease.

By Josh Engen

06/03/2012 06:12PM


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