Battlefield 3 Gets Premium Service
EA has given the official scoop on its long-rumored Battlefield 3 Premium service. Premium, which takes its cues from rival franchise Call of Duty's Elite package, will provide two week early access to all Battlefield 3 expansion packs, including the already-released Back to Karkand, Close Quarters (which can be bought today), and future releases Armored Kill, Aftermath, and End Game. These packs will include, among other things, 20 new maps, new weapons, new game modes, and new camouflage for weapons and armor. In addition to the DLC packs, Premium users will be granted exclusive in-game items and upgraded Battlelog features.

Battlefield 3 Premium is available now for the PlayStation 3, with a PC and Xbox 360 release coming next week, on June 12. Those who decide against Premium can get the Close Quarters DLC for PS3 on June 19, while non-Premium 360 and PC users will get their hands on the pack on June 26.

The package will cost PS3 and PC folks $49.99, while 360 owners will have to fork over 4000 MS Points, all of which roughly translates to saving $25 over buying each expansion individually.

By Jeff Dunn

06/04/2012 02:16PM


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